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Thanksgiving Continued Research
This area will be updated periodically with more detailed analysis of historical references.


Why we should not celebrate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is generally taught as an acceptable holiday to celebrate in the larger congregations of God. But this acceptance is based primarily on the belief that the Pilgrims created Thanksgiving. But the origins of Thanksgiving are a combination of superstition, myths and false Christianity, similar to Christmas, Easter, Halloween.

Is Thanksgiving a Pagan Holiday?

This may seem like an odd question to the congregations of God and the immediate answer you may have is "of course it's not". This may even feel like a silly question to you, or a stupid or uniformed question, everyone knows that the Pilgrims started Thanksgiving, and they were Christians! Can you prove your beliefs about Thanksgiving?

Sarah Hale, Cornucopias, the Church of England and Freemasonry

Sarah Hale's husband was a Freemason, and when he died, the Freemasons supported her financially and helped her publish her first book. Later in her life, Sarah Hale helped fund the finishing of the Bunker Hill monument, ( ) which was built by Freemasons (look at the plaque at the base, the specific mason lodge is mentioned). The link between the Freemason's and Thanksgiving is interesting, as the Freemasons mix paganism, Christianity and Judaism (possibly with other religions as well), and they use the cornucopia in their religious services.