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Jewish Calendar Accuracy Test

The Jewish calendar’s calculations attempt to follow the average length of the new moon. But the difference between the Jewish calendar’s average length of a new moon, and the actual length of the new moon is off by a very small amount.

The most accurate difference is -.57 seconds (Dr. Irv Bromberg, COGWA, Jewdaism 101). The approximate value of 3/5 of second is -.6 seconds (Approx. Dr. Irv Bromberg). 2 Millionths of a month is -.17 seconds (Avraham Yaakov Finkel). How much of a difference do any of these make in calculating the dates of the holy days using the Jewish calendar?

Jewish calendar calculations difference (in seconds)

Year range - BCE: ({{total_years}} years)



With a {{ (molad_diff > Math.floor(molad_diff)) ? molad_diff.toFixed(2):molad_diff }} second correction to the calculation of the Jewish calendar, {{errors_percentage}}% of the holy days from {{start_year}} to {{end_year}} ({{total_years}} years) are on the wrong date.

Results summary:
Total on wrong date: {{i_errors}}
Off by 1 day: {{errors_off_by_1}}
Off by 2 days: {{errors_off_by_2}}
Off by 3 or more days: {{errors_off_by_3_or_more}}

Earliest month:{{month_names[month_earliest]}}, Latest month: {{month_names[month_latest]}}

(days diff.)
(Jewish Molad)
(corrected by {{molad_diff}} sec.)
{{date.days_diff}} * {{date.tishri1_source_month}}/{{date.tishri1_source_day}}/{{date.gregorian_year}} {{date.tishri1_month}}/{{date.tishri1_day}}/{{date.gregorian_year}}

* This year has a difference between the inaccurate measurements of the average cycle of the new moon conjunction of the Jewish calendar compared to the corrected measurements.